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Pick1 is a fun, social app to learn about each other.

One pair, two choices, pick one!

Pick1 is a free social app to give and get opinions. Create a profile, follow other users and have others follow you. Create a pair with 2 choices using photos and/or descriptions. Your followers will receive a notification that their opinion is needed. Instantly, your followers and others (if you allow) will pick one of your choices and you get immediate results. View any profile to see what pairs they have created and what picks they made. Discover people’s habits, interests and preferences.

Play “would you rather …?” – Which restaurant is better? – What should I wear today? – Learn more about your followers with lifestyle preferences – Consensus for life decisions – What’s a better product? – What’s a better book? song? movie? – Who should I date? – Travel preferences for destination, airline, sights to see

Let your voice be heard!

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